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Menu Monday 11th April 2011

Yippeee! My butcher was back at the market on Saturday so we will be having a chicken this week. This is great for a few reasons – my beloved, being a typical Englishman, loves a good roast and it is something that he is good a making which means at least one night off cooking duties for me.  Also I am running low on my slow cooker chicken stock so I can make a batch this week.

Monday – my beloved is making a roast chicken with mystery side dishes (he is doing the shopping)

Tuesday – Chorizo, vegetable and pasta bake – you can make this the night before so you can just pop it into the oven.

Wednesday –  Sausages and puy lentils – super easy one pot meal

Thursday – Impossibly Easy Taco Pie – I can believe how many variations there are to this recipe.  I finally made the cheeseburger one last week and was pleasantly surprised at how easy tasty they are.  I might put some black beans in this one with the beef for extra texture and fibre.

Friday -prawns in black bean sauce with bok choy

Have any of you lovely readers experimented with the Bisquick Impossibly Easy Pies?  Please leave me a comment, telling me how you got on.  I am facinated with all the possible variations.

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