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Menu Monday 10th February 2014 - The Lean Times


Feb 10, 2014 Menu Monday , 0 Comments

It has been a sad week  at Lean Times HQ – one of our contributors, Milo the giant kitty, has passed away. It was sudden so we are a bit shell shocked.

Since life has to go on and you gotta eat –  I am back shopping the market,  making my menu and cooking.

Monday – roast chicken with saffron orzo and green beans

Tuesday – mushroom, potato and melting Taleggio with a green salad

Wednesday – crumbed cod fillets with salad and chips for the boy

Thursday – roasted butternut squash risotto with homemade stock from Monday’s chicken.

Friday – V Day! I have no idea what we will be doing – it is a mystery.

For more menu ideas visit OrgJunkie.  Please give your pets a big hug as you never know how long they will be with you.




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