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Living the Lean Life, from a cat’s point of view

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Milo, big, grey cat

The Lean Times proudly presents a guest post by Milo.

Hello, my name is Milo and I live with Miss Viviana, her beloved and my mate, Vegas.  Vegas is another cat but is a bit old so not up with this blogging technology which is why I am writing the guest post.

Our flat turned into the lean flat a long time ago when I was just a kitten. Miss Viviana has tried lots of things on us cats to get us to be more frugal.  Some of her ideas were horrible, like making us eat Go Cat.  Vegas hated it so much that he used to pick the green ones out and leave them next to the food bowl.

Now after trying all sorts of stuff, I think we sort of have it sussed.

Cat food – we eat dried food mostly so Miss V mixes the cat food from Lidl ( yes we like it ) with more expensive food she buys in the pet store.  She says it makes the fancier food last longer.  Sometimes we do get a bit of chicken or what ever the humans are eating or some homemade stock.

Cat litter – the very cheap stuff is very dusty so we come out white when we use the litter box which is especially bad for Vegas because he is black.  Have a look a the photo below where he is trying to play beloved’s guitar.  He is not good at guitar but he tries.

Oh back to the litter, we get the second cheapest, the Natural Clumping Clay litter, it is less dusty, then we put some scredded newspaper in to make it last a bit longer.  The litter still needs to be cleaned every other day but with the newpaper we used less litter.  Miss V says any savings is good savings.

Pet Insurance – we don’t have insurance, it was decided long ago that if we get sick we will pay the vet’s bill.  Since we are inside kitties there is no chance of us getting hit by a car or attacked by a big dog.  We do like to sit on the balcony and sometimes we take late night walks in the hallway.

That is pretty much our Lean kitty life.  Oh no, I forgot about the toys – we do have some toys they come from eBay which is cheaper than the pet shop.  I like little furry mouses but Vegas is boring and just likes bits of string.

Do your kitties have other ways of being frugal?  Please write a comment for Miss V then we can try it too.


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