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Lean when the leaves are falling.


It’s autumn and my social diary is filling up.  How does a girl about town keep on a budget and still have an exciting social life?  My only answer is stealing from one area of my life to pay for another.  I have had a very lazy summer being freelance and living very lean on lovely summer produce.  Now my life has gone from zero to 70 in 0.1 seconds.  So I must take some action –

The first thing that is going is take away coffee.   I have a travel cup and will be filling it up every morning then I have brought my fabulous baby cafetiere to work and along with some lovely coffee from the coffee shop to make my afternoon pick me up cup.  Buying coffee in a specialized shop (not a name brand place that you buy take out coffee) is much cheaper and better quality than buying it in small 227g bag from the supermarket and much nicer.   Which will give me SAVINGS of about £60 per month.  Okay that won’t buy me amazing boots but it will help to buy some tights and update my lipstick.

I will bring my lunch everyday from home, unless I am being taken out, which makes a saving of about £6 per day. That is a SAVINGS of £120 per month with can be used to go out, get a taxi home when travelling alone.  Safety is always paramount in my life so anytime it is too late for public transportation, I take a very safe black taxi.

I will start to schmooze more at work.  It is always a good idea in times such as these to update your contact book as you never know when you might need a new job or a reference.  I also find the more I schmooze the more invitations I get to lunches or parties.  Look at that, a social life for free.

I will take advantage of the new season’s produce by checking Eat the Seasons so I can make the most of nature’s autumn bounty.  I will be cooking on those grey rainy Sundays, making big batches of soup to freeze.

I will start planning my Xmas shopping, what I am going to buy for whom.  I will keep an eye out for sales and bargains so I will not be financially destroyed in January like most years.

3 thoughts on “Lean when the leaves are falling.”

  1. I actually prefer bringing lunch to work in the cold months as opposed to buying it. I don’t think you can beat some yummy hearty soup for a fab winter lunch. And so cheap – especially if you make a big batch on the weekend. 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you, this weekend I bought a Thermos because at my office we don’t have a microwave. I will posting some winter packed lunch recipes soon. Lovely soups and muffins to keep us cozy in the up coming chilly months.

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