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I love Menu Monday

I must say that since I have been participating in Menu Monday, I have spent less time and most importantly money on food also my food waste has gone down.

Last week was super hectic so I did not do Menu Monday, mostly because I did not have the time to do it. I ended up eating all the freezer chili and getting a takaway that threw my budget out of whack.

Now I am back with passion for Menu Monday.

Monday – My beloved is taking pity on my insane working 12 days in a row so he is bringing dinner over – whoppee!

Tuesday – Portuguese Bean Stew – this is going to be my new freezer meal

Wednesday – I roasted a chicken on Sunday so tonight will be leftovers.  – Orzo with chicken and peas sort of a faux risotto.

Thursday – Making stock from the chicken and soup.

Friday – Linguine with cherry tomatoes, pancetta and chili.

Saturday – I will be running around like a crazy person so I will have some more Portuguese Bean Stew.

Sunday – I am planning to make some more chili for the freezer. It will be great to be able to whip it out at the drop of a hat during the Xmas craziness.

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