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Eat the Seasons with Summer Chilled Soups or More Sexy Packed Lunches

tomatoes on vine

I am always looking for new recipes for my packed lunch.  Feeling quite frugal, I looked to Eat the Seasons because we all know food that is in season is the least expensive.  On the June list for the UK was tomatoes, fennel, potatoes, watercress, and basil, among many others.  June is a great month for eating.

I have written before about my love of gazpacho so I am looking to more cold soups.  They are refreshing in the summer and the perfect thing to take to an office that doesn’t have a microwave.

The most classic of the cold soups is Vichyssoise, aka cold potato soup.  The recipe I found at the amazing Epicurious, puts watercress with the potatoes, yum. I have found a video of how to make a lovely tomato and basil soup. One of my other favourite tastes is aniseed so I searched for a chilled fennel soup.

I hope these recipes will get your taste buds and imagination going.  What are your favourite summer soups?  Leave a comment and pass on your recipes.

Happy summer soup eating in season.

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