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Sep 28, 2015 Economy , , , 1 Comment

Recessionomics – The economic slowdown during recession.

There has been quite a bit of talk this week about the recession being over.  I must say I am not convince in the least.  Are we supposed to believe that there is going to be a huge change just because governments are saying we are out of the woods.  I can not believe that people are silly enough to run out and start spending after a year of being frugal and worrying about still having a job next week.

In the spirit of hoping there might be some economic relief in sight and I will be able to afford to get married, I thought I would write a list of my Recessionomics that are not going to change no matter what the party line.

1. I will still feed the freezer.  It is great to feel that you always have something good to eat in the house, therefore no need for expensive takeaways.

2. I will never go back to using credit cards. Once I reach that debt free nirvana, I plan to stay there. Ommm

3. I will continue to pay monthly into my savings account, like it is another monthly bill.

4. I will still ask myself the questions before buying anything – do I really need it?  and can I get it cheaper somewhere else?

5. I will continue to Eat the Seasons, so much better for you and the planet.

6. I will still bring my lunch to work but in reality probably not everyday.

What frugal habits will you keep when the economy gets better? Next I will be writing what less than totally frugal things I will be doing when my personal economy is more robust.


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