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Sep 8, 2014 Debt , , , , , 4 Comments

A few weeks ago, in the post I wrote about emergency funds, I ask how much does a person without a car and full insured by the State need.  I concluded that in my life not that much could really go wrong besides my cats getting ill so I put aside £100.  Not the best thinking on my part, as the one thing I didn’t think about going wrong did, of course did.  My beautiful iBook of almost 5 years is finally giving up the ghost.

Now if I had the £1000 emergency fund that is recommended by Dave Ramsey, I guess this would be a no brainer.  I would pop to the Mac store and just buy a new expensive Mac book then go back almost to square one to fund my emergency fund.  Since dodo over here does not have nearly that much cash on hand, I must think of another way.

A few people have said just put it on a credit card. Sorry I just can’t do that; I have developed a hate of the entire industry to match the passion of an evangelical minister in the deep South.  I have even asked my beloved not to get me an engagement ring until he can pay for it with cash. Yes, lovely readers, I have gone truly mad.  What women would delay getting an engagement ring?  Dodo over here.

I think I have found a plan to have a computer and not go into debt (well anymore debt) with the monstrous credit card industry. I am going to buy a nifty little netbook that is 30% of the price of a gorgeous Mac. This will leave me living very close to the edge but I think I can manage, just.

My next move will be to attack my debits like a banshee (eBay here I come)  and when I am totally debit free, I am going to march into the Mac store and buy myself a new, probably a G6 by the time I get debit free) computer with cash.

Have any of you been bitten on the bum by not having enough of an emergency fund?  Tell me your stories as I will be at home eating rice and beans for the foreseeable future.


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