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Lessons Learned from the £10 Week Challenge

We are rapidly approaching the end point for the £10 Week Challenge which I found a thought provoking experience.  I did not find the not spending difficult at all.  I try to keep my larder, fridge and freezer pretty equipped and since I do my meal plan based on what I have bought at the market on Saturday, I had all my dinners prepared.

I was thrown a bit of a curve ball by (happily) getting some freelance work at Glamour magazine so I needed to rethink my lunches.  Normally I work two days a week in an office with a microwave and as much coffee and biscuits as the Cookie Monster could consume so not spending when there is a breeze.

At Glamour, there is no microwave, fridge or coffee making facilities so I had to think of a plan that I would not blow my budget. I bought my lunch with Boots points, not very nice but it filled me up and I drank Diet Coke to satisfy my caffeine addiction. I must say I did hit the nice coffee when I got home in the evenings.  I did have one free coffee on a Cafe Nero loyalty card I found on my desk.

So all in all, I survived pretty well on the money front, where I fell down was the tv restrictions and the tasks.  I found out that I really missed turning the tv on for light entertainment when I got home from work.  On Thursday night, I was so tired that I turned into a zombie and watched three hours of fluff but it did relax me.  I did not realize how dependent I am on tv. I am now going to restrict my tv watching, allowing myself only to watch programs that I am really interested in.  A by product of the £10 Challenge, we now have a radio in the living room/kitchen which will stop me putting on the tv.

As for the tasks,  I am going to do some mending today and attempt to tidy the big cupboard.  I don’t think I will be putting anything on eBay this weekend but maybe next weekend.  A challenge is a brilliant way to have a look at your habits whether it is take out coffees, tv watching or going to the pub.

Did you participate in the £10 Week Challenge and if so did you have an revelations about your habits?  Please leave me a comment. I hope I am not the only tv addict.

6 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from the £10 Week Challenge”

  1. The last time I had a TV I was living with a lass & we got into the habit of looking at the TV guide. Deciding what to watch, turning the TV on for that programme, then turning it off after the programme finished. We might watch one programme after another if we’d decided we wanted to watch both programmes. But if there wasn’t something we wanted to watch we didn’t turn the TV on. We might Watch something from 8 – 8:30, turn the TV off, then back on again at 9 for the next programme. Things would get done in that half hour. I’d wash up maybe & she’d draw/paint (she was a painter) It wasn’t all ‘worthy’ TV either. ‘East Enders’ was on her list to watch 🙂

  2. Well done! Sounds like a good week.

    Funny that’s the second workplace I’ve heard of last week where they don’t have any coffee making facilities, had never heard of before. Usually people have a machine if they don’t have space for a kitchen or a kettle but seems quite common not to have any.

    I suppose one way to get around would be to put a sandwich/lunch in a small cool bag? Polar do some nice ones available in Peter Jones.

  3. I do pretty much stick to a tv schedule. Thankfully I don’t watch any soaps just some American tv on the computer. I think have to just admit that I like to watch Big Bang Theory when I get home from work and am cooking dinner, I am sure it could be worse.

    Thanks for commenting and please do so again soon!

  4. It has been a good week. I think this is the only place I have worked without a fridge. I might look into the Polar bags but first I want to find out how long I am going to be there.

    Thanks for commenting Dee, I hope life is treating you well.

  5. I agree. it takes these challenges to see just how you are living and habits make life dull. not that I managed to live on a tenner in the slightest so bloody well done. I think I use the internet too much. tv isn’t my vice. and here I am faffing away again!

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