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Lessons Learned From The £10 Week Challenge - The Lean Times


Sep 8, 2014 Budgets , 6 Comments

We are rapidly approaching the end point for the £10 Week Challenge which I found a thought provoking experience.  I did not find the not spending difficult at all.  I try to keep my larder, fridge and freezer pretty equipped and since I do my meal plan based on what I have bought at the market on Saturday, I had all my dinners prepared.

I was thrown a bit of a curve ball by (happily) getting some freelance work at Glamour magazine so I needed to rethink my lunches.  Normally I work two days a week in an office with a microwave and as much coffee and biscuits as the Cookie Monster could consume so not spending when there is a breeze.

At Glamour, there is no microwave, fridge or coffee making facilities so I had to think of a plan that I would not blow my budget. I bought my lunch with Boots points, not very nice but it filled me up and I drank Diet Coke to satisfy my caffeine addiction. I must say I did hit the nice coffee when I got home in the evenings.  I did have one free coffee on a Cafe Nero loyalty card I found on my desk.

So all in all, I survived pretty well on the money front, where I fell down was the tv restrictions and the tasks.  I found out that I really missed turning the tv on for light entertainment when I got home from work.  On Thursday night, I was so tired that I turned into a zombie and watched three hours of fluff but it did relax me.  I did not realize how dependent I am on tv. I am now going to restrict my tv watching, allowing myself only to watch programs that I am really interested in.  A by product of the £10 Challenge, we now have a radio in the living room/kitchen which will stop me putting on the tv.

As for the tasks,  I am going to do some mending today and attempt to tidy the big cupboard.  I don’t think I will be putting anything on eBay this weekend but maybe next weekend.  A challenge is a brilliant way to have a look at your habits whether it is take out coffees, tv watching or going to the pub.

Did you participate in the £10 Week Challenge and if so did you have an revelations about your habits?  Please leave me a comment. I hope I am not the only tv addict.


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