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Mar 24, 2011 Budgets , , , , 6 Comments

No, budget fun is not an oxymoron.  I am talking about budgeting for your fun.  Being on a budget can seem a bit dreary, especially if you have a deep hole to dig yourself out of, but if you make sure you keep yourself happy in small ways you will find being on a budget a whole lot easier. Even, the famous, Dave Ramsey puts a BLOW section into his budgeting software.

If we budget for the things that make us happy, it stops us running amok. We all have things or we can say, little weaknesses that bring a smile, for me, it is the new season’s lipstick or nail polish ( the easy way to look like you are in the know) and a dress once in a while.  I am not a fashionaholic by any means, even though I worked in the fashion industry for years. But every girl needs needs a style pick me up to brighten up their life. We are on a budget not dead for goodness sake.

I personally put in about £50 a month into my BLOW category, which I don’t use every month. In the months I have some money left over, I add it on to the next month and sometimes the next month if there is something super special I am craving.

My budget does have a meagre clothing category but that mostly covers replacing worn out items. I roll that over too if  I have not used it to save up for something better.

What are the things in your BLOW section? How much do you allocate to that section? Please drop me a comment and tell me your weaknesses.



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