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£10 Week Challenge

Starting tomorrow I am joining forces with the mighty Penny Golightly to see if we live for 7 days with only £10 spending money.  Penny has done this before but I have never put such a tight budget on myself, on purpose that is.

This is not a week to just hibernate and watch tv or browse Love Money so you don’t spend any money there are fairly strict rules which Penny has kindly written out.

Rule 1: You work in cash, allowing £10 for the week.

Rule 2 : You must not sit at home watching television all night, every night (you can pick 2 films, or 3 hours of TV shows to watch at home during the week)

The £10 doesn’t include rent, utility bills, direct debits and things like gym memberships, courses you have already paid for, and gift vouchers you’ve received.

The £10 also excludes a weekly travel card or bus pass, or petrol for work trips. Some of us travel miles to and from work, others work from home, so we need a level playing field.

You get bonus points for:

  • Using things up that you already have
  • Mending or altering something
  • Keeping fit
  • Doing something relaxing
  • Keeping in touch with friends
  • Finding a freebie
  • Learning something new
  • Being creative
  • Having 1 or 2 days where you spend nothing

In preparation, I have made sure that there is plenty of cat food and litter in the flat.  I have been to the market fresh fruit and vegetables, when those run out we will hit the freezer.  I don’t go out much, so for entertainment instead of sitting in front of the computer every night I am going round up all the Groupon type vouchers I have and get spending.  I have one for a steak dinner for two, yum!

I have set myself a task to complete this coming week – I will sort out the walk in closet.  My beloved moved in about 4 months ago and still has stuff in boxes.  While clearing out the closet, I will make a pile for eBay.

Please join us in this challenge, we will be updating our progress on Twitter with the hashtag #10week also visit Penny’s blog for comments and ideas from her readers.  If you can not partisipate this week because of half term then feel free to do it next week.

Good luck comrades!

5 thoughts on “£10 Week Challenge”

  1. I’m up for this. I really need to have a cheap week! I’ve been having a major clear out on ebay so hopefully this should rope me in some cash!

  2. Yippee! I am so glad you are joining us! I am getting a bit nervous but am ready to go. I have started my list of what I would like to get done. If you are on Twitter, give us updates using #10week. Good luck!

  3. As much as I love the idea of the challenge and trying something like this, I suspect that hibernating is precisely what I’d end up doing around the day 3 with only a tenner. Also, since I’m in London, can I have a top-up? 🙂

  4. Hi Stan, I bet you would fare better than you think. I am in London too and did not get a top-up. Thanks for commenting.

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