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£10 Week Challenge, the Finish Line is in Sight

Today I am at day five of the £10 week challenge, what a relief! Actually, all in all, it is not too bad.  I don’t spend a huge amount of money during the week, where I freelance there is absolutely nothing in the area so there are no temptations. I bring my lunch and they kindly provide coffee and biscuits.

So when I was planning my £10 week, I thought it would be a cake walk as far as daily spending goes, then a spanner was thrown in the works – I have been asked to freelance at Glamour magazine an additional two days a week.  Life at Glamour is very different from my other freelance gig, first of all it is based in Mayfair, the mecca of all shopping and it has no free coffee or biscuits and no kitchen to heat up lunch.  Basically it is not very fashion to brown bag it and when you are the new girl you have to play the part to a certain extent.

So what have I spent so far? Here is the list:

1 Yoga bunny drink 99p

1 reserved library book 50p

1 bag of rocket 99p

1 Pret Coffee £1.99 which brings me to the grand total of £4.47

Thank goodness for my Boots points with which I am buying my lunch and the Cafe Nero card, I grabbed off my beloved that has a free coffee on it.

The part of the challenge that I found the most difficult should have been the easiest – the cutting back on tv.  I was doing really well up to last night.  I had only used two of my allotted six (I traded two films for three more hours of tv) then I was so tired from doubling my work load, I turned into a zombie and watched three hours.  Now I only have one hour left and that is allocated to the finale of Project Runway. I might try to find an audio book to listen to instead of having the tv on.

I do still have some projects to get through before the challenge ends on Sunday – I need to clean out the big cupboard and do some mending for my beloved.  Otherwise it looks like my weekend will be filled with work that I did not get to over the week.

I hope everyone is achieving great things this week.




3 thoughts on “£10 Week Challenge, the Finish Line is in Sight”

  1. Thanks for the support Laura!

    Hi Greg, thanks for commenting. I think that I am a hoarder in the case of always having food in the house really helped.

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