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My Rules for My Road to Abundance

Road sign pointing to abundance

Since I have started on my experiment to create more abundance in my life, I have found quite a lot of money in the street which proves, if you don’t look you won’t see. I also seem to have a brighter, bolder outlook on life. I am a bit cheekier and am more keen to ask for discounts.

So far, the universe and my attitude has gotten me the following: a very expense jar of skin creme FREE, a huge 60% discount on a dress that was not on sale, a £50 Amazon gift certificate and I have just started!

In my quest for abundance, I will not be abandoning my frugal ways but changing my attitude to more ‘I can have instead of I can’t afford’. If I can’t afford what I desire at the moment and I really, really want it, I will write it down in my little book and try to manifest it. A bit hippy dippy, I know but hey if you don’t try…

I will be keeping my frugal habits. I will still continue to meal plan, I find it a vital part of planning our shopping and it makes the whole ‘what’s for dinner’ thing easy. Meal planning has become an organisational habit not just an aid to keeping on the frugal track.

I will also be decluttering as much as I can to get rid of all the broken, torn and basically crappy stuff I have hanging around the flat. Apparently I need to make room for all the bright, shiny stuff I am going to receive when I get more abundant.

I am not going to hold out to sell stuff on eBay, if it doesn’t go in two rounds then the items goes straight to the charity shop. I am not going to expend a lot of energy to make £5 on something.  I have already been selling some things on Amazon which is a lot less work than eBay.

So there is my plan – any other ideas on how to get ready for abundance?  Have you tried something similar, leave me a comment.

4 thoughts on “My Rules for My Road to Abundance”

  1. How wonderful that you are starting to transform into your abundant state, and letting go of the old ways that aren’t working anymore! I enjoyed your article. Astra

  2. Hi Astra, thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes I am working on letting go of the old ways and opening my arms to the abundant mind set. I am delighted that you liked it. Vxx

  3. Well, I don’t think its hippy-dippy stuff at all, its reality. You cannot recieve when you are still holding on to the old ways (and stuff) in this case. I believe its a wonderful transformation especially since it starts with shifting your thoughts to a more abundant outlook.
    “Seek ye and ye shall find” 🙂
    Nice post

  4. Hi Simon, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I am delighted that you like the post and don’t think it is too hippy dippy.

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