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It’s all about gratitude, baby

What are you thankful for?

I am slowly but steadily getting out from behind the eight ball, it has taken a long time, no thanks to the recession or  redundancies but I am getting there.

One of the biggest aides in this journey has been gratitude. Yup, no matter how bad it has been, some other person had it worse.  I appreciated that and was thankful for whatever I had, even it that was the ability to cook eggs a million different ways. I was thankful.

Every morning before I get out of bed, I think of five things that I am thankful for be it – my health, my beloved, having a job that I like with people I like, having a nice roof over my head, my mother is still in good health, the sun is shining, I had a good’s night sleep, my cats are mad as hatters, my winter coat looks like it can do another season, I try to be thankful for just about everything and this makes it easier to get out of bed with a sense of hope.

Getting out of debt is trying, exhausting,  and most of the time very boring but you must take responsibility for getting yourself in the situation in the first place. So many times you might want to say the Hell with it and go shopping for a quick pick me up that is why it is essential to acknowledge your accomplishments and how far you have come.

I am not at the finishing line yet, actually it is now even in sight for a few of my debts but I know if I am grateful and say thanks I can make it.

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