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Frugality Just Isn’t Working

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I have been a good frugal girl for a long time. I have been writing this blog for over five years now, giving hints and tips on how to get the most from your money, hopefully without causing you too much pain.

After all this time and I am not rich and my emergency fund is in a state of emergency. I have thought perhaps I would do an experiment in abundance. Instead I denying myself, I will believe that the universe will take care of me.  Hear that universe?

It is a little bit airy fairy for me but hey, what do I have to lose? I want to be like Kramer on Seinfeld, who “would fall ass backward into money”. I want the universe to throw me a bone once in awhile. OK , a lot of bones, with this abundance thinking you are supposed to think big.

I found the ebook, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch when I was meandering around Amazon and the best thing was it was free for Kindle that day. What did I have to lose? Maybe the universe was giving me a gentle nudge.

I am now about halfway through the book and I must say it gives you a feeling of hope, which is a shocker for me after life has not really dealt me the best cards lately. I am not complaining, if you are listening universe, but I could have had some better luck job/money wise.

I am planning for the next six months to, as Denise the Lucky Bitch says, throw everything at it. It being abundance in my life. She is big on forgiveness exercises which I have found a bit difficult to do but freeing once I do them.

Have you had any luck with changing your thinking? Do you think I am mad? Do you have any questions? Please leave me a comment or if you prefer to email privately info AT  I am off to write down my goals as per Denise.

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