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Market Yourself to Make More Money

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So we have all gotten on the frugal wagon – we menu plan, stick to the list when shopping and stopped buying drinks for everyone at the pub but we still are moving forward slower than we like.  The next step is obviously to make more money.

No matter how you endeavour to increase your income, you will need to market yourself.  Marketing is how you present yourself to the world. These days there are so many avenues to marketing that you have to chose the ones that are best for your specific goals.

For example- let’s say you have a fabulous eye and can pick a diamond amongst the rubbish at a car boot sale so you open an eBay shop to sell your finds.   How do you make your eBay shop stand out?

1. You choose a catchy and appropriate name, one that does what it says on the tin.

2. You engage in the eBay community by giving feedback and having a presence on the Discussion Boards.

3.  You sign up to Twitter and establish yourself in that community.

4. You tweet often the exciting items you have in your eBay shop but not enough to make people thinking you are spamming.

5. You have business cards made that you can hand out at car boots or the like so people know you are a serious buyer.

6. You develop relationships on and offline.  The intergration is crucial as you want new and returning customers.

Good relationships are the basis of any successful business.  The market place is so over crowded, that people want to do business with people they like and are good at what they do.

Every little company needs to establish its identity from the eBay seller to the Virtual PA.

This post is part of the #JUMPchallenge, a blogging competition designed to raise awareness of how to join up online and offline marketing, launched to support Econsultancy’s JUMP event.


Today, The Lean Times has joined the Yakezie Challenge which brings together some great PF bloggers.  Please pop over to the website and read some brilliant writers.

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