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Lean Interviews – Bethanie Lunn, Author of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness

Since it is back to business month, last week I reviewed the wonderful RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job. Which gives you all the ammunition to win in your job hunt.

Now to have your dream job in your sights,  the next step is the interview or interviews as the case may be. I thought it would be good to get an expert’s opinion, so I asked the lovely Bethanie Luun, the author of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness for some tips to winning at interviews. Modern Girls' Guide to Fabulousness

Bethanie sure knows her stuff, she is a fashion and beauty expert.  Now without further delay, here is the interview.

  • Do you have any guidelines as what is a good outfit to wear for a first interview?

Dress for the role you want but be you!

It is important to adhere to the dress code of the work place you are being interviewed by but there is everything right in being individual and adding a touch of difference to your outfit.  It could be a simple accessory such as a chunky bib necklace or brightly coloured shoes, or if the work place allows – a hat, trilby’s look great on most face shapes.  Or you could opt for a suit in a shade other than black.  Anything that helps you to stand out in a crowd, so long as it is stylish and respectful, is a sure fire way to get noticed in a crowded market!

  • It seems as though the idea of power dressing has been taken over by the mysterious term “smart casual”. What exactly is smart casual? And can you go too casual?

Smart casual tends to mix more laid back pieces with typically smart garments such as jeans with a tailored blazer and blouse but there are certain rules to keep in mind.  For instance, the jeans shouldn’t be boyfriend style, baggy and faded denim as these look too casual – the style you’d chill around the house in aren’t suitable for the office – but make those jeans dark denim with a fitted and more tailored look, they look instantly smarter.  Casual maxi dresses are casual worn with flip flops but are made smart casual with a tailored jacket, leather tote and ankle boots.  Simply pick key pieces and mix business wear and day wear for the best outcome otherwise, yes – you can look too casual.  As a play-it-safe-rule, any outfit you would wear out at a party, slobbing around the house in on a lazy Sunday or meeting friends for a drink is not right for the office.

  • Do you have any confidence secrets to calm the nerves before an interview?

Visualise by scripting your dream roleWrite down on paper the role that you want – go into detail – what would you be doing?  Where would you be working?  What is your position?  What would you be wearing?  What would you say and how would you act?  This provides you with an uncompromising route to success and keeps you focused.  The next step is to act that way, look that way and eventually – you will BE that way.  I always say – act the part, look the part and you will get the part.

  • Do you have any dos and don’t regarding interviews?

Just be yourself and be honest.  The truth always prevails so never lie in interview. By being honest and true to whom you are and your experiences, you will ultimately find the ideal role to match your ambitions.  There’s nothing worse than being under or over qualified for a job.

  • Do you have any tips on being fabulous on a budget?

Absolutely!  I raid the kitchen cupboards for beauty remedies.  My favourite is blending sugar and olive oil to make a coarse paste which is THE best body scrub.  The sugar granules exfoliate your skin and the oil leaves a silky finish on your skin after.  Rinse off gently in the shower then pat dry.  I’m also Queen of charity shopping.  Buying second hand clothing is an ethical way to shop plus you’re supporting a good cause with every purchase!  If you want some guidance of how to make the most of your shopping experience in charity shops, follow my advice here.

I can’t thank Bethanie enough for sharing this fabulous advice with us. She is totally spot on about dressing at the level you want to be at.  Bethanie ROCKS!

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