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The Post with the Flashbacks

Oh wow!  I have just realized that this is my 101st post. In light of this momentous occasion, I thought I would do a post reflecting my favourite past posts, just like on Seinfeld or Friends – it is the one with all the flashbacks.

The post that got the most reaction from my lovely readers was Debt and Depression a Connection???. I think this is a topic that is especially resonates at the holiday season.  So many of us get all wrapped up in the shopping frenzy and even more so if we are a bit sad or have had a bad year you want to forget.  It is so easy to unfreeze those cards and shop your way to a very short lived euphoria.

With all this holiday shopping of course you “need” to buy a new dress or five for all the holiday parties which brings me to Personal Style, one of my first posts.  You really don’t need to buy yourself a lot of party dresses; work your own style instead. I am going to try to see how many looks I can get out of one lbd ( that is little black dress). There are so many ways you can add accessories, patterned tights,  or just change your hairstyle and make up.  No need to give yourself a worse financial hangover than the one you will get from the cheap office party booze.

I can’t end without at least one post about food, since it is one of my passions and the easiest way to up your quality of life without breaking the bank.  With Christmas a few weeks away, I am flashing back to my Make Haste Make Gifts. I love food gifts especially the ones you make yourself. I was going to do hand picked porcini mushrooms this year but alas picking time flew right past me, maybe next year.

Thanks lovely readers for your continued support of The Lean Times. I hope you enjoyed a few of my favourite flashbacks.

A brand spanking new post to come in a couple of days.

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