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Our Type of Thanksgiving

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Vintage couple pulling wishbone at Thanksgiving

This week I am not doing Menu Monday for a few reasons – one we are going to be out three of the five week night and it is Thanksgiving week.

I love, love, love Thanksgiving!

It is my idea of the perfect holiday. There are no gifts involved and it is all about saying thanks for what you have.  And don’t forget the food!

Saying thanks or being grateful has recently become a big topic is all sorts of areas including business. Who would have thought that gratitude has anything to do with commerce? Well just ask Gary Vaynerchuk, who wrote The Thank You Economy. His idea is that we should thank people for choosing to do business with us. A pretty interesting concept which will hopefully help with bad shop assistants and the like.

I must say, I try to be thankful for at least five things in my life every morning before I get out of bed. This starts my day with a positive attitude which is not something that comes naturally to me. I have found that since I have been doing this, I am a lot more chilled and have started to see the glass half full instead of empty.

Because I live in the UK with my fiance, we don’t have anyone to invite to a lavish Thanksgiving meal so we opt to go to a restaurant. It is not my ideal scenario but there is no way I could make my beloved eat turkey until it is coming out of his ears then have a similar meal for British Christmas with his family. It would also be a bit sad to do all that cooking just for two of us, so we book a restaurant and have a lovely day together.

I am very excited to have my beloved all to myself this coming Thursday. We will be saying thanks in a big way because things have gotten so much better for us in the past few months and hopefully with a little gratitude and positively we can keep the trend going.

Do you say thanks on a regular basis? Has it improved your outlook or maybe even your life? Leave a comment about what you are thankful for. I will start us off –

I am thankful for:

  1. my beloved coming  into my life so unexpectedly
  2. my wonderful friends and family
  3. my insane but adorable cats
  4. my flat and neighborhood
  5. the tenacity and ability to dig myself out of the debt hole.


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