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Lean Tips – Prepare Your Wardrobe for Autumn

Fridays are tip days at The Lean Times, today I will be giving a few hints about getting ready for the autumn season.

I often find that I am just getting in my summer clothing groove when BLAM! a cold snap hits and I am not prepared.  I would be happy wearing my Birkenstocks right through October if I could.  Summer clothes are so easy and you can be a lot more casual than in the autumn.  Let’s face it, if you do show up at work looking like you just came back from holiday and your colleagues are in their chicest autumnal gear, you might feel a bit silly. So here are my tips:

1. Tights – go through your tights and get rid of any that are not up to scratch.  For me, there is nothing worse then putting on tights that are laddered or pilled when in a rush to get to work.  Do a big clear out and replenish.  I like websites like MyTights, which is a one stop shop for all kinds of hosiery.  Before you buy do have a look for deals and discount codes as they do run them quite often.   For ideas of what you can do with old tights or stockings have a look at Ripped but Not Ruined.

2. Footwear – polish and resole last year’s shoes and boots as needed. I have a favourite pair of motorcycle boots that every year, I take to the cobbler and ask if they can make them last another season.  I have been doing this for at least five years.  They are the perfect boot and until either I find a better boot or they fall apart, I will continue this yearly ritual.

3. Knitwear – do a knitwear check – make sure your lovely sweaters and cardigans have not been attacked by moths. If the worst has happened, wash everything by hand in baby shampoo then assess the damage. If heaven forbid, one of your most adored has been attacked, find an invisible mender to repair.  It might not be a inexpensive venture but worth it if the item can not be replaced.

4. Fill in the gaps – have a look at your wardrobe and see if there is anything you need to get for the Autumn/Winter season. Every season there a keys trends and sometimes it will only take a few additions to what you already have to feel like you are in the groove.  Whether it be a sexy secretary, pencil skirt,  some leather look jeans or some coloured tights, we all need a little something to make us feel fashionable, no matter how frugal we are trying to be.

What do you do to get ready for the autumn season?  I know I have not mentioned coats but if you were reading this blog last season, then your winter coat will be freshly dry-cleaned and tucked away with moth proofing.


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