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Keeping up Appearances

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Beautiful Sophia Loren


Last week, I talked about what to do when the work dries up.  Sadly this seems to be happening more and more.  I personally know at least three people that have been made redundant in the past week. Now it is SERIOUS belt tightening time. What can we cut out without appearing to be in dire straights? When looking for work, we still need to present ourselves in a positive manner. What are the bare essentials we need to keep up in the looks department when money is scarce?

I thought I would start at the top and work my way down:

Hair – Don’t go around with shocking roots; if you can’t maintain that fabulous blond colour perhaps you should go closer to your natural colour so you can visit the stylist less often.

Take advantage of free fringe (bangs) cutting – most stylists will let you come in between your regular visit to have your fringe tidied up.

Lots of hair stylists work outside the salon.  This is not really a kosher way of working but if you are discrete, have a good relationship with your stylist and they don’t own the salon then you can ask if they could do you outside the salon for cash.  Usually a stylist will work for a lot less when the cash is coming directly to them.  You probably will have to say goodbye to having your hair shampooed.  Be prepared if you are not discrete you might have to find a new hair salon.

Eyebrows– Keep them groomed.  If you usually have them treaded or waxed then go one last time, look at the shape and mimic.  Well shaped eyebrows frame your face so don’t let them grow wild.

Nails – Ok, so you can’t afford your regular manicure but you can file your nails into a short oval shape and polish them with a neutral colour.  If you choose not to polish them please make sure they are completely clean.  If you don’t give yourself a mini manicure then don’t wear any chunky rings that will draw attention to your hands.

– I probably don’t need to say this but you need to keep your clothes in good condition.  Sew buttons back on when they fall off, de-pile your knitwear on a regular basis and make sure your clothes have had their stains removed as soon as you spill on them.

Shoes – Polish and re-heel. So many people base their opinion of a person on their shoes, make sure yours look good!

It looks as though winter will be with us for some time longer so try not to get fed up with your clothes. Have a look at everything you have been wearing then try to make new combinations. Also look at your makeup box; a new colour scheme could brighten your look immensely.  I personally have moved different eyeliner colour and a bolder red lipstick.

Do you have any tips on keeping up appearances?  We need all the tips we can get  in these grim times.

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