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Frugal Not Frumpy, A Series – Know Your Palette

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I have found so many of my fashion mistakes are made by buying an item in the wrong colour, better to say a colour that does not suit me.  There are a few colour rules –

1. Figure out if you are a warm toned or a cold toned person.  This is as easy to figure out as to look at if you prefer gold to silver jewelry.  Usually if you like the look of gold next to your skin, you are a warm toned person and the opposite if you prefer silver. This also works with white versus cream; one looks fabulous and the other washes all the colour from your face.

2. Never wear the colour that you are.  The fabulous wardrobe czar, Annabel Hodin, said that to me and it totally holds true.  If you have pale skin and blond hair maybe yellow will most likely not be a good choice; you might look like a banana.

3.  As we get a bit older, we can not fall back on the black goes with everything.  Most people should wear a bit of colour next to their face, especially in the winter when we all looks a bit pale. If you look a television presenters, most of them wear a scarf or a flattering colour next to their faces.

4. Think about the items of clothing that get you the most compliments – if you always get a smile when you where green then maybe you should work on getting a few more green items in you wardrobe.

5. Red lipstick goes with almost everything!  The key is to find the right red lipstick.  I love MAC Viva Glam 1 because is suits so many complexions but if that one does not work for you.  Try out a new one every time you go through the cosmetic department then have a look at the colour when you are outside.  Shop lighting can be VERY deceiving and you could walk out of the shop £20 lighter with an orange mouth.

Have you had any colour disasters?  What colour makes your day when you put it on?  Leave me a comment.

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