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Adopt Habits of the Well Dressed

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Well dressed people take good care of their clothing and pretty much all their stuff. They buy expensive things and respect them. I think we all should adopt the habits of a well dressed person.

I am not someone that likes to have a lot of cheap clothes, I much prefer to buy the best I can and take care of it.  That way I am building a wardrobe, not just a bunch of cheap clothes that never really look like I am well dressed. Even if I buy my cashmere on eBay, I am going to take care of it like I bought it in Harrods. That is why I have made these habits part of me.

Here are a few habits of a well dressed person.

  1. Do not wear your best items in the house. This means changing into more comfortable, perhaps casual clothes when you get home from work. Make this a ritual – get in the door and change into yoga gear, old jeans, whatever you are not worried about messing up while you are pottering around or cooking the dinner.
  2. Everything has its place – shoes go back into their boxes with tissue, not kicked off and chucked under the bed.
  3. When a handbag or pair of shoes comes with a dust bag, use it. This means the manufacturer believes the item needs to be protected.
  4.  Rotate your best stuff – don’t wear or use the same shoes or handbag everyday. Change it up a bit and let your other stuff come out when appropriate.
  5. Find a good cobbler or shoe repair person – this is vital to extending the life of your shoes and boots. Get the soles and heels replaced seasonally if you wear them often. A good shoe doctor can even dye your shoes if you want to change them for the next season. If you can’t locate a good shoe guy, ask in one of the better shoe stores like Prada, Louis Vuitton or Gucci. They usually do repairs for clients and have a seriously high standard of craftsmanship. You may end up paying a bit more than the guy down the street but it will be worth it.
  6. Protect new coats, shoes and bags with Scotchgard
  7. Clean everything at the end of the season, especially winter coats, sweaters and anything made of natural fibers that moths would find tasty. Moths are more drawn to unwashed clothes, with perspiration or food on them. Hand wash or dry clean your precious items then store them vacuum sealed bags for extra protection.
  8. Plan what you are going to wear the night before, that’s why well dressed people look so calm in the morning.
  9. When it comes to accessorizing always take off one thing before you leave the house. There is no need for big earrings and a big necklace, wear one or the other. Figure out which piece you would like to be your focal point. That is unless you are working the OTT (over the top) look.

I work to adopt these habits.  A few have been ingrained in me since childhood, my Dad always changed out of his suit as soon as he got home and made sure everything was put in its place.

Any more habits you would like to contribute? Please leave me a comment.

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