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What is your shopping weakness?

sexy red lipstick

What is your shopping weakness?  We all know that very expensive shoes were Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex and the City.  In these dark days of January so many of us will be looking for a little pick-me-up which leads most of us ladies to the make-up counter.  For me, my two weaknesses are peachy eye shadow, that will make me look well rested and the perfect red lipstick.  I recently went through my make-up bag and found no less than 7 peachy eye shadows that all look extremely similar and I am not even going to tell you how many red lipsticks.

Instead of looking for a fix in the cosmetic department, why don’t you shop in your own make-up bag?  I will bet that you have many long forgotten items that will update your look without leaving your flat.

Now that you have rummaged through all your old cosmetics, what is safe to still use? has done this nifty list of the shelf life of makeup.  Throw out that old blue mascara!

If you are a user of MAC makeup, keep all your old containers; once you have saved up six you can return them to MAC for a free lipstick.  The program is called Back to MAC, you can find the details here.  This is a brilliant was to make sure the containers get disposed of properly and get a free lippy.

Enjoy makeup shopping without having to brave the cold.

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