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Think Ethnic

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Getting tired of beans on toast? Saving money does not have to be boring. Explore the various ethnic shops in your neighbourhood. I am very lucky to have a Spanish/Portuguese delicatessen where I can get chorizo, ham, cheese and other wonderful foods at a fraction of the price it would cost at my local supermarket.

I love Middle Eastern shops, where I get nuts, seeds, olives and exotic jams. You can also get herbs and spices in large bags at a fraction of supermarket cost. And if the portions are too large why don’t you share the savings with your friends? You could even make fabulous spice baskets as gifts.

If there are no exciting ethnic shops in your vicinity then it might be time for a field trip. In these credit crunch times (are you getting bored of the term yet?), when we are all watching our spending, going to a different neighbourhood for lunch and a shop could be like a teeny tiny vacation.

London has a plethora ethnic groups as well as various shops to supply for them. Shepherd’s Bush has a great market (closed on Thursday afternoon and Sunday) that caters for so many tastes from Polish to Middle Eastern. Goldborne Road W10 has Moroccan, Spanish and Portuguese shops, butchers and delis. And that is just off the top of my head of my local area. Tell me about what is near you, perhaps we can make a list of all the great ethnic shopping around London.

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