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Shopping is a Habit

I shop therefor I am

Yes it is – a bad habit! That is unless you need something or have planned a purchase.  Are you the victim of a shopping habit?

The signs are:

  1. you can’t walk past a shop without popping in to see if there are any new goodies even if it is Poundland
  2. when you get bored you hit the ASOS, Zara or some similar site just to see what is new?
  3. you are subscribed to many discount shopping sites like Achica, Brand Alley and Yoox – you love a bargain!
  4. you have a constant craving that you just need that perfect _______(fill in the blank) to make you happy
  5. you ever feel like you have enough stuff and satisfied?

Does this describe you?  If you have answered yes to two or more questions please read on to how to curb this habit.

Step 1 – See No Evil in your Inbox – clear those subscriptions

Step 2 – Get a big want and start saving. Find something that makes your heart go thumpty thump, then start saving. It is so much more fulfilling than buying random stuff. I find boots, handbags and coats do the trick.

Step 3 – have a look at what you have – I keep buying red lipsticks, looking for the one, now I think I have every one that would suit me. I rotate them so I feel like I have bought a new one.What do you like to buy?

You will feel much happier when you stop randomly buying stuff instead desired items. You will also have more time once you stop surfing shopping sites, buying stuff then packing it up to return it when it looks rubbish.

What do you collect? For me it is red lipsticks, peachy eye shadows and more stationery than I would like to admit. I love a nice Moleskine and pen.




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