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Is bravado making you broke?

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cartoon of ladies lunch, no one wants to pay the bill

We all have people that we want to look good in front of:  colleagues, competitors, family and even good friends.

I have a mate who just like me is getting back on track financially. We have both been underemployed for over a year, so our disposable income is pretty much nil. The funny thing is when we get together, we argue over who pays the bill. We even seem to spend a bit more to show each other that we are actually doing “OK”.

I also act in a similar fashion when I am at certain events. My brain goes into spending mode and I end buying people drinks that I have not budgeted for nor can afford. What is wrong with me? I am usually a very deliberate person. I make a budget and pretty much stick to it.

When I am around people that I want to impress or make me feel insecure, all my deliberateness goes out the window.  My go to move is to throw money at my insecurity or feelings of being uncomfortable.  This sort of works in the short term but it packs a painful financial hangover.

I seem to be too concerned with how I appear to others which is a bad thing. This appears to be a problem that I mostly encounter with women. I think women deal with money very differently than men do. Are we taught different lessons about dealing with money? When you see a bunch of guys in a pub they seems to naturally fall into buying each other pretty equal rounds but with women there is usually a lot of humming and  hawing.

I would love to sort out my relationship with money when I am out in a crowd. I have tried to only bring enough cash to buy two drinks but then I still get the itch to spend more. Am I the only crazy women with this problem? Have any of you gentlemen had something similar with their friends or acquaintances?

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