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Financial Frenemies

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Everyone seems to have one or two frenemies in their lives; people that make life that little bit harder.  They seem to surface especially when you are trying to make positive changes such as when you decide to get out of debt, stick to a budget or are trying to save up for something.

These frenemies come in both male and female versions, and it doesn’t take an MBA degree to see how they can get you to break the bank. The male version is usually the guy that wants you to stay in the pub longer than you budgeted for or he will try to get you to come out with the guys when you protest that you are watching your pennies. The male frenemy is pretty easy to spot and to get around.  The best way to deal with this character is to just say you are busy and not go to the pub with them often.

Now the female frenemy is a much trickier sort, she is usually one of your closest friends. Are you surprised, don’t you remember high school? The female frenemy, gives back handed compliments such as she loves how you can mix and match the same tiny capsule wardrobe so cleverly. Or she suggests you go on holiday when she knows you could never afford it in a million years.  She is also the person that suggests you all split the bill at dinner when all you had was an appetizer.

The thing about the female frenemy is they appear to have your best interests at heart but actually they don’t like to see their friends changing.  The reason a friend turns into a frenemy is jealousy and fear.  They fear that you will not have time for them or the inclination.  They fear that you will evolve and leave them behind.

What does this have to do with finances?  Actually quite a bit, misery loves company and if both you and your frenemy are in debt then you are at the same level. Ladies this means when you embark upon making changes in your life watch out for subtle changes in your friends attitude and possibly a little bit undermining.

Not all your friends have the inclination to become frenemies just the ones that want you to stagnate and not change.  If you do find a friend or two acting like frenemies please step back, take a deep breath and think about what you really desire.  Do you want to stay in the same financial place or would you like to be debt free or even a homeowner.




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