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Money Lessons from Video Games

Top Stylist game - Money Lessons from Video Games |The LeanTimes

I have a confession to make, I like to play young girl video games. Please  keep it under your hat, but hey, we all need to relax.

I have been playing Top Stylist for the past few months. It is fun and sort of fulfills my want to shop and  reminds me of being a real life stylist for over a decade.

Today, I had the revelation about how in a round about way the game is similar to the games I play with my own money.

Let me explain, in Top Stylist, you make ‘money’ by matching up tiles then have to buy garments that satisfy your ‘clients’  in different style categories. The garments need to add up to the minimum points for your ‘client’ to be satisfied. If you don’t have enough money to buy the required garments and no points to earn ‘money’ than you have the option to sell some items to buy others.

I have been doing that for years, selling stuff I don’t want or need on eBay so I could buy other stuff.  So that is not the revelation, the light bulb microsecond  happened when I reached the part of the game when I had enough money to buy what my ‘clients’ required and didn’t have to sell items I didn’t need.

I had reached the holy grail of being comfortable. I had money in my game ‘bank account’ and suddenly life got a Hell of a lot easier. Now I need to get to that point in my real life.

I have just had a birthday which has made me decide it is time for some big, slightly uncomfortable changes. I am tired of living in the beginner part of the game, I need to expand my horizons and get out of my comfort zone.

Stay tuned folks, I am making myself do one thing a week out of my comfort zone and see where it gets me. Erika Napoletano has a brilliant saying – ‘The middle of the road is where you get killed’, I think it is time to try to get into the fast lane.

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