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Cull, Cull, Cull the Inbox

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I love subscribing to newsletters, for me the more information the better, in theory that is. In real life, I barely get through half of the online courses and webinars I sign up for.  There is so much information in cyberspace about how to be a better blogger, how to start your own business, how to be more productive and don’t get me started on all the recipe emails I receive.

Today, I have spent 1.5 hours trying to clean out my primary inbox.  In it, I found no less than three on line courses, notes from five webinars I have missed, various hints and tips that needed to be filed and a boat load of recipes.  I did not cull all the information, I was good and filed most of it but will I ever have the time to properly look at it?

I sometimes feel like I am drowning in information.  It is coming at me from all angles:  email,  Twitter, Facebook, podcasts and the books I want to read.  Where do mere humans find the time and more vitally, the energy to keep processing all this data?  I am afraid to look at My Google Reader because it has been so long that I am sure there will be thousands of items patiently waiting for my attention. I get quite nervous about hitting the delete button on my Google Reader, assorted emails and online courses; what if one of those items has some miracle information that will improve my life exponentially? I feel it is my duty to give each one a look, just in case.

I am not sure that all this information helps with being productive, sometimes I find myself like a deer in the headlights because of too much information.  Does this ever happen to you or is it just me?  I sometimes feel as though my head might explode or maybe have a meltdown. Do any of you lovely readers have any suggestions, tips or tricks to take in the information without melting down? Yes, I still want the info but don’t want to get the explosion headache anymore.

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