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Adventures in becoming a modern day domestic diva part une

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vintage sewing machine

I have decided that I should learn to sew properly.  I can hand sew a hem and replace buttons but to actually make a garment, that doesn’t look like it came out of a 12 year old’s Home Ec class, now that is an entirely different kettle of fish.  So I have embarked on a sewing class so I can learn properly.

My first challenge was to find a class; it shocked me that the local ones offered by the council (which are the cheapest) sell out about 3 months in advance.  So after looking at all the classes that are offered near to my home; I ended up at a local college where the class was a bit more than the council’s one.

Who knew that all of London seemed to want to learn to sew?  Is being able to sew going to help me get a fabulous wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of manufactured clothing?  Nope, actually home sewing in an expensive endeavour.

I signed up for my 10-week class at the price of £140(approx $207), which I thought, was not too bad.  Then I got the required supplies list that if you don’t have a mom that gave you a sewing kit for your tenth birthday, would be pretty costly.

Armed with my million year old sewing kit, I still had to go shopping.  I needed a skirt pattern and fabric.  First I went to buy the pattern, why do they all look so dowdy?  I ended up with a pattern from the costume section, which was the nearest thing to a ballet skirt. The pattern cost me £ 5.75 (not too bad) but the Vogue ones can go up to £13.50, which is pricey for something you might only use once.

Next on my list was fabric; of course I didn’t want anything cheap or nasty so I went to a better store.  I was shocked at the price of the stuff!  I ended up with something mid range that looked nice at the cost of £12 per metre.  So just the raw materials of a skirt have cost me £32 and now I have to make the thing.

I am now wishing that I had not gone so gung ho with the whole idea before pricing it all out.  I will keep you up dated on my progress, as I have only been to one class so far.  Have you ever spent more than you thought when you were actually trying to save in the long run?

I am not convinced that making my own clothes will save me money.  I do think that I will have different and individual things that will probably take me so long to make that the seasons will have changed.

Make me feel better by telling me your stories about spending too much when actually trying to be frugal.

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