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Lean House Moving One Month to Go

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One month from moving

By the  T -30 day mark, you know where you will be moving to, so get on to Uswitch to sort out the best deal possible for your gas, electric, broadband and TV.  If you get the timing right you can have all your services up and running within days of moving.

Sort out an end of tenacy cleaning – if you are moving out of a rented flat and want your deposit back (who doesn’t?) it is a good idea to hire a professional cleaning company.  I know this does not sound very LEAN but I have averted a dispute with an unpleasant estate agent by producing the receipt.  It seems it might not matter how well you clean the place when you leave but to get your deposit back you have to pay a professional.

Use up your beauty products: shampoo, conditioner etc, the goal is to move with the least amount of stuff.

Start the box hunt – there is really not reason to buy boxes. Stores like Homebase have empty boxes by the till for you to take. I personally like wine boxes as they are not too big but strong so make friends with your local wine shop.  As you collect your boxes, start to pack your non-essentials.  I also save newspaper to wrap breakables in.

Two weeks from moving day –

At this point, you have gotten rid of the stuff which you no longer want in your life, have made many trips to the charity shop and maybe even had a carboot/garage sale. Congratulations! You have accomplished a lot, well done!

Next -pack up anything that is not a neccessity for you in the next two weeks. Always label packed items clearly, as you might need that evening gown for an impromptu ball if prince charming calls.   If you find youself losing steam, remember the more packing you do now the less of a panic you will have later.

One Week before moving day –

Now you have to decide how you are actually get your stuff from A to B and the way I see it you have two choices:

1.  Go the cheap route: rent a van, beg your friends to help (this gets harder when you are over 30) and if you have a lot of stuff, you might not have as many friends when you finish as when you started. If this is the only way you are going to get moved then may I suggest making sure you have the number of a good pizza place and lots of booze on hand.  This method might be more expensive than the next one if your friends like to drink.

2. Hire a mover – this should not be too expensive if you have done your preparation.  All your boxes should be labelled and you are only moving stuff you still want in your life.

Order yourself a little treat – when I last moved I placed an order with Ocado to have them deliver approximately when the movers would be leaving.  The reason I say to order from Ocado is: they do one hour slots so it is easier to time your delivery, Waitrose does wonderful pre-prepared foods such as pizza, quiche or a chinese selection and most importantly they deliver their wine chilled.  What is better than sitting around your boxes with a glass of something bubbly.

I bet you my lovely readers are thinking that all this hire a mover and order from Ocado is not very Lean.  Remember, you have already done a lot of  hard work, sometimes living the Lean Times is giving yourself a break.  Also who would want to go out to the store or even to get food after you have run the marathon of moving?  I love the idea of having your necessities in your new place when you arrive so you have milk if you want to make a cup of tea.

Moving day –

Make sure you eat before moving, even if you have hired a professional mover the more you help the cheaper it will be so you will need your energy.  Also put aside bottles of water as moving is thirsty work.

Pack your last bits and pieces then start to move everything to the exit in which you will be using to exit.  Again, the less time the movers spend with you the cheaper it is.  Movers usually charge for a three hour minimum so if you are moving a fair distance and might hit traffic make sure you hit the ground running.

I hope this guide has helped to relieve the stress of moving, even just a little. Do you have any other tips about moving the Lean way?

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