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Things I didn’t know

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Everyday I am finding more things I don’t know about that can affect my finances and therefore my quality of life.

1.    A company you have a Direct Debit with can change the date they take the money from your account without writing you a letter. This just happened to me with Tiscali, they moved my payment date forward by 5 days.  I admit I don’t scrutinize my bill because it is the same every month but from now on I promise I will look at every bill to check the payment date against my payment calendar.

2.    The brown paper bags that the green grocers in the market put your fruit and veg in, actually makes them ripen quicker and therefore go off sooner.  I have been known to put the paper bags straight into the fridge then wonder why my tomatoes go off so quickly.

I will be in future putting all my fruit and veg away properly especially since the price of fruit has increased by 13.8% over the past 12 months and vegetables have increased by a giant 21.7%.

3.    Baby wipes are an amazing cleaning tool.  You don’t need a baby to use baby wipes. Here is a list of just a few things that you can use baby wipes for
•    cleaning off water-based paint when decorating
•    quick stain remover for clothing
•    removing make-up, no need for expensive cosmetic cleaning wipes
•    dusting furniture, even antique wood
•    cleaning car interior
•    carpet stains
•    I even use them to clean my cat when he has had too much fun outside

4.    Clean out your closet and get money – Oxfam and M&S have a clothing exchange going on.  When you donate old M&S clothes to any Oxfam you will get a £5 voucher to use when you spend over £35 on clothing, beauty or housewares.  Sorry this is an UK/Ireland only tip.

Watch this space

I am planning a whole entry about things that do more than they were designed for.  Don’t we love things that multitask?

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  1. my mum never puts tomatos in the fridge – she says they taste much better, and last just as long, when left in a bowl at room temperature.

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