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Little Things Add Up

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We all think about saving energy in the winter, we keep our windows closed, our lights turned off if we are not in the room but do we go any further?  Here is a list of ways to save that will add up but not be painful or noticable.

1. Never leave anything on standby – you will still be using a considerable amount of energy by just keeping that little red light on.  Different appliances use different amounts of electricity when in standby mode but why waste when you can turn it off?  The only appliances that stay on in my flat are my digital radio by the bed and the clock on the oven. Oh and of course the refrigerator.  I am the electricity miser.

2. Never call mobile phone numbers from a landline.  This goes for us in the UK as it costs at least 10p (16US cents) per minute.  I don’t know if it is the same in other countries but here if you want to call a mobile use a mobile.

3. Never leave you mobile charger plugged in.  A mobile charger takes the same amount of energy when it is attached to a phone or not.

4. Use vinegar instead of fabric softener, a fraction of the price and clothes just as soft.

5. Set the timer – I get free calls but you can only be on the phone one hour or you have to pay so I set the timer for 56 minutes so I have enough time to say bye bye.

6. Turn it off a bit early – you can get away with turning your oven or stove off a bit before the cooking process is finished.  They are both already hot so if you turn it off a little early you can coast.  This might be a bit of trial and error until you figure out your appliances but it is easy.

7. Keep you refrigerator and freezer full.   The fuller they are the more efficiently  they work, so if you do a bulk buy of beer put it all in to save money.

8. In the summer, close your windows in the daytime to keep cold air in that is if you have air conditioning.  If you don’t have aircon close your  curtains to keep sunlight and daytime heat out.

9. Always be on the look out for a bargain. I know this is something all you Leaners do, keep your eyes pealed for special offers of any basics.  If laundry detergent is buy one get one free I buy them, even if I have a bottle in my cupboard.  Do this with anything you use regularly.  This does not count with some exotic canned fruit that you have never tried.

10. Carry a bottle of water in the hot weather, yes that message is everywhere. Don’t buy one everyday,  refill the same bottle from the tap or a big bottle at home.

I know you lovely readers have some tips of your own, drop me a line with your ideas.

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