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Menu Monday 31st March 2014

I am finally going to see my mother! I know that doesn’t sound like much but I live in London and she lives in New York. In the past few years, I have been hit hard by the recession, redundancies and not such great health so I have not been able to fork out the £500 for a plane ticket. The reason I am mentioning this is – I am going to try to keep our food budget extra low for the next few weeks so I can save up a little spending money for my trip.

Monday – risotto with asparagus, courgette and peas 

Tuesday – prawn stir fry with pepper and  water chestnuts with some kind of wok sauce

Wednesday – my beloved is making chili

Thursday – bacon, cheddar & jalapeno mac ‘n cheese – I am going to Panko bread crumbs instead of making the bread crumbs

Friday – cod and chips from the freezer

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