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Menu Monday 2nd May 2011

I had a doh/aha moment this weekend; two days a week I work quite late which means dinner doesn’t get served until almost nine o’clock sometimes, which just is not good enough. I plan our meals but don’t always stick to the exact days but move the menu around to suit what I feel like cooking.

I write about productivity and time management as I think they are a part of Personal Finance but don’t always take my own advice, bad Viviana . I have realized that  I might not be using my time as wisely as I thought, especially when it comes to making the dinner.  I have decided to rectify the situation by getting my slow cooker out a lot more.

Slow cookers are great in hot weather as they don’t heat up your kitchen the way an oven does.  They also use less energy which with the cost of electricity going up in June will help the budget a bit.

Now on to the matter at hand, the menu for the week –

Monday – Smoky Braised Chicken and Gnocchi – the gnocchi on the pasta shelf has more potato and is cheaper than the ones in the chiller cabinet.

Tuesday – Chili made in the slow cooker, making extra for the freezer

Wednesday – Crunchy garlic chicken with new potato salad

Thursday – Chana Masala served with rice and garlic nan bread

Friday – Shrimp Scampi – I have shrimp in the freezer from the last time they were on sale. Super quick recipe.

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