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Menu Monday 29th October 2012

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I am getting into the groove of working full time and spent the weekend doing food prep – post about it coming soon. I am trying to figure out my new balancing act. If anyone has any tips about juggling work after a long stint of working at home please drop me a line.

Monday – Sausages with red pepper sauce over gnocchi

Tuesday – Garlic roasted chicken in the slow cooker – and to get crispy skin I will be using the sling method with saffron orzo and green beans

Wednesday – Chorizo and sweet potato hash – bounced from last week

Thursday – Oven-fried Sriracha chicken – I am going to marinate it before I go to work so I will only have to put the Panko breadcrumbs on.

Friday – Fish cakes and salad – I am usually exhausted come Friday so I need a super easy meal.

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