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Menu Monday 27th December 2010

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I hope all my lovely readers had a wonderful Christmas!  I find menu planning the week between Christmas and New Year a bit difficult as you never know when an inpromptu invitation pops up. So I am attemping to cook mostly from what we already have.

Monday – Lobster and shrimp salad – I made a Feast of the Fishes for Christmas Eve so we have one leftover lobster and some shrimp.  The lobster was from Lidl at the bargain price of £4.99. If you are quick you might be able to grab one for your  New Year’s celebrations.

Tuesday – Roast chicken with lots of green vegetables. The chicken was bought in the pre holiday frenzy of thinking we did not have enough food.

Wednesday – Chicken and mushroom risotto with truffle oil.

Thursday – another Christmas celebration so no cooking for me.

Friday – Pasta with Bolognese sauce before the festivities. Solid food to line the stomach.

Saturday – New Year’s Day, we will be eating Food for Prosperity – puy lentils and sausages with rocket salad.

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