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Menu Monday 25th July 2011

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This week was quite fruitful on the shopping front – scored discounted chicken breasts at Portobello Market and half price potatoes and spring onions at Lidl.

Monday – Parmigiano Panko herb encrusted chicken breasts and potato salad

Tuesday – Nigel Slater’s classic ratatouille – it looks a bit time consuming but I am hoping the flavour is worth it.

Wednesday – Cheese burgers with the rest of the potato salad

Thursday – Tapas Plate with marniated chickpeas – I am going to make the chickpeas then use Lidl’s Serrano ham and Camembert that I got for a song (3 for £1)  in the market.  It is not completely authentic but still tasty. I might make attempt to make bread to go with it.

Friday – Spanish tortilla with tomato and onion salad


Have  you scored any really good food deals this week?  Drop me a line and tell me all about them.  Visit OrgJunkie for a huge selection of menus.

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