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Menu Monday 23rd September 2013

Vintage housewife meal planning

This was a tricky week shopping in the market, my butcher didn’t have any chicken. Shock! Horror! What are we going to do without having a roast chicken? I know I could go to the supermarket but they are not nearly as nice so I am going a different route.

We will be eating a lot of sausages this week – I went to the Moroccan butcher, who makes the best merquez sausages around.  I then went to the Portuguese shop and go some of their fresh chorizo.

Monday – Spiced vegetable coucous with grilled merquez sausages. Hopefully there will be enough for lunch leftovers.

Tuesday – My beloved is making one of his fab stir fries. I am not sure of what he is putting in it – it is a mystery

Wednesday – Pasta  in fresh chorizo and cherry tomato sauce with chili and garlic

Thursday – Crumbed cod and salad

Friday – Creamy chicken and butternut squash gratin – the butcher promised me a chicken

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