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Menu Monday 22nd November 2010

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It is more than half way through my get it done November and I am happy to say that I am almost halfway to my goal of making an extra £700.  I am now at £313.84 with a few items on eBay so still chugging along. I must say that we have almost eaten all the food in the freezer so this week I will be restocking.

Monday – Black beans and yellow rice, this is the only thing left in the freezer.

Tuesday – Roast chicken with celeriac mash, celeriac is in season.  I bought a big celeriac so I  might make soup too.

Wednesday – Chili in the slow cooker then making black beans for the freezer.

Thursday – Thanksgiving!!! my favourite holiday.  We are going out since we live in the UK, and it is too big a meal to cook for two people.

Friday – Sausages with puy lentils

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, count your blessings and stick to your lists on Black Friday.

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