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Menu Monday 1st July 2013

It is July and the temperature has not passed 75 degrees F yet. I am in serious doubt that we are going to get a summer in London this year. I am sorry to keep mentioning the weather but it does effect what I cook. Usually at this time of year, it would be all salads and gazpacho but this summer or not yet anyway.

I still have high hopes of some sunshine and heat to warm up my bones.  Fingers crossed, right? In the meantime, I am loving quinoa salads. If you have any good recipes could you pass them on in the comments?

Monday – Roast chicken with baby potatoes and broccoli.

Tuesday – I am out so my beloved will have to fend for himself.  I am going to a writer’s salon in hope of bettering myself.

Wednesday – Rocket pasta – I do the recipe slightly differently, with a lot more rocket so it is like pasta and salad in one.

Thursday – Roasted butternut squash and quinoa salad with Merguez sausages.

Friday – my birthday so we are going to try out the new Five Guys burger place. Very excited for a real burger.

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