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Menu Monday 19th April 2010 - The Lean Times


Apr 19, 2010 Menu Monday , , 0 Comments

The weather has started to warm up and the produce is getting better so it is salad days for me this week along with some lean protein.

Monday – Omelette with tarragon and salad

Tuesday – Slow cooker roast chicken with salad

Wednesday – Grilled goat cheese salad

Thursday – need to get something on the run,  as I am starting my sewing class.

Friday – Nigella’s two minute steaks with salad

Saturday – being taken out for dinner – yipeee!

I am looking for some LEAN recipes – light on the hips as well as the purse.  Please drop me a comment or email with any recipes or links.

I am looking to get a bit physically leaner for Spring.

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