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Menu Monday 15th August 2011

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Last week was a bit of a challenge, I started two new freelance posts which is like the first day of school.  You need to learn people’s names. where the bathroom is and most importantly what they actually want to you to do.  The whole process is quite tiring and to add to that we had riots in London which made it extremely difficult to navigate your way around.  So I must confess to buying food in a box one night when I was just too tired to cook.

Hopefully this week will run a lot smoother and I will fulfill my menu goals.

Monday – Citrus roast chicken with rice pilaf 

Tuesday – Stuffed peppers – mince and red pepper were half price at Lidl over the weekend.

Wednesday – Greek salad, hummus, white bean salad with Turkish bread

Thursday – Slower cooker chili with dark chili chocolate – again half price beef mince at Lidl

Friday –  Butternut squash risotto – chicken stock made from Monday’s chicken

Pop over to OrgJunkie for more fantastic recipes.

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