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Menu Monday 13th September 2010 – the £10 Challenge

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Since the sublime failure of my yearly sideline, I have decided to set myself a challenge – to see if I can eat dinner for a week on only £10. My beloved has opted out of the challenge as he doesn’t think there is enough meat in it for a man like him.  We will see.

The idea came to me when I was hunting for bargains in my not very local Lidl. I have always be a girl that will walk a mile to save a £1, when I started to think how much could I get by on in a week. Here is the menu and below what I bought and costs.

Monday – Chorizo & Butter Bean Stew – I will be using white beans as that is what I found in my cupboard

Tuesday – Omelette with fresh herbs (from the windowsill) and rocket salad

Wednesday – Black beans with yellow rice possibly with some fried chorizo on top

Thursday – Simply Fish, pollack, bought on sale with rocket salad

Friday – Pasta with chorizo, garlic and tomato sauce

Saturday – Big salad with rocket, tomatoes, a tin of tuna and egg

All this came to the grand total of about £7.96 – I would not be surprised if I buy some fresh bread along the way.

And here is the shopping list –

Lidl – Chorizo £2.29

Rocket salad £.79

Baby plum tomatoes £.50

Tesco -2 tins of tomatoes £.66

Tin of white beans – £.31

Tin of tuna £.87 (part of a four pack)

Simply Fish £1.50 (half a pack)

Freezer – black beans, premade in slow cooker £.30

Cupboard – Rice £.10

Eggs from butcher – 4 x 16p each = 66p

Have you ever set yourself a similar challenge?  How did it go? Do you have anysuper cheap recipes?

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