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Menu Monday 11th Jan 2010

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This is a super Lean week for me for several reasons – I have just received a big bill from my building for service charges and because I am freelance, I have not worked since 2009 so money is tight. I am going to do most of my cooking from my larder.  Hurrah for having semi-full cupboards.

Monday – Spaghetti Puttanesca – this is the perfect food when you have not been to the shops.

Tuesday – Black bean burittos

Wednesday – Leftover Lamb Tagine – I am looking for a better recipe than the one I gave out last week m I was not impressed.

Thursday – Porcini mushroom risotto

Friday – Goat cheese omelette

Saturday – beloved is taking pity on me and bringing over a mystery meal.

Next week I am going to attempt curry in the slow cooker.

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