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Menu Monday 28th February 2011

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Bye bye February,  hello spring, hopefully.

Monday – Chili made in the slow cooker on Sunday

Tuesday – Roast chicken with butternut squash risotto with crispy pancetta

Wednesday – Macaroni and cheese – I seen to have a lot of bits of cheese that need to be used.

Thursday – Crepes with Prosciutto,  Fig preserves and Gorgonzola– I thought I would get some practise in before Pancake Day next week.  Lidl does lovley Serrano ham that will fit the bill nicely.

Friday – Puy lentil salad with goat cheese and ciabatta

Over the weekend, I am going to have my slow cooker working hard – I will be making chicken stock from Tuesday’s meal and black beans for next week. I am also planning to make another batch of the red pepper soup.  Have a great week.

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