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The Even LEANER Times Ahead Ebook

Life in not looking so financially rosy for 2011 in the UK – you have undoubtedly heard that there are tough times ahead from the rise in VAT to 20% on the 4th of January 2011 to escalating food costs due to the bad wheat crop. House prices are all over the place and we have no idea how high those nasty credit card interest rates can go.

It seems as though everyone is happy to spread the dread but do not want to offer any possible solutions. Over here at The Lean Times, we have decided to try to help our lovely readers by writing the ebook, Even LEANER Times Ahead (and How to Survive Them).

We know that things will be a bit harder so we have decided it is time to get smarter. Yes, things will be tough but we can make it a lot less painful if we are thoughtful and plan ahead. We need to know what food products are taxed and what the good substitutes are. We might even enjoy beating the government, just a little bit.

We also wanted to give you this invaluable information for a good price, £2.50.  That’s less than a coffee at Starbucks.

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