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Preparing for the Possible Double Dip

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These hazy days of sunshine brings thoughts of beaches, barbecues, and all around good times but what will this autumn bring?  Many things are easier in the summer such as eating fresh seasonal foods; the choices of fruits and vegetables are amazing.  Entertaining yourself is cheap too; grab a picnic, a blanket, your beloved and hit a local park in the evening. But what is in store for us on the road ahead?

The financial press has been sending out warning that things are not indeed rosy and we have some tough times in front of us.  Have you thought about it?  Taking any preparatory measures?

In my world, traditionally the months of July and August are usually the worst because I was mostly working in the fashion industry so this year I have diversified.  I am now working in two different fields so I won’t have the lull I used to get when the fashion world went on its long summer holiday.

OK, I have summer covered but what if autumn does bring a big, black economic cloud?  I have decided to expand my skill set.  When looking into needs versus wants, knowing that in bad times the wants go out the window, I decided to take a book keeping class.  I decided this because the world always needs number crunchers and there will always be people that are afraid of numbers.  Have you done anything to try to recession proof yourself?

I have always taken classes. I believe it is important to keep on learning but in the past the classes have been more for fun like sewing or even taking French.  The French has helped in my fashion work to a certain point but the sewing classes were for pure pleasure. Now I am going to dedicate one evening and a few hours a week to actually learning, a not so pleasurable skill.  I must admit, I am a bit nervous as to whether I can go the distance.  Fingers crossed.

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