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Budgets and Bras

I bet you don’t think these two things have anything in common but  they do. When circumstances change they both need to be revised. You are supposed to get your bra fitted if you gain or lose weight, the same thing goes for your budget. If your income increases or circumstances change, you need to refit your budget. Even what you think are the smallest of life changes need to be accounted for.

I rejig my budget in every January when transportation prices go up.  We also had to take into account when we got two kittens that one that demands toys. We now have a Pez cat toy budget of £5 per month. Expenses are always changing ie going up. Your budget needs to reflect those changes so you will not end up with more month than money.

There are a few other places that I regularly check to make sure I am getting the most out of my budget. I check internet and electricity prices via USwitch a couple of times a year.   I also use the app iXpenseIt to track my spending. You will be amazed at how much rubbish you won’t be tempted by if you make yourself accountable by writing it down.

How often do you revise your budget?


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